Become a Quickstart partner

Join our selected network of partners and grow together with us.

One key principal

Becoming a Quickstart partner is not an obvious feat, we request all our partners to show us proof of utmost professionalism, while also crafting an advantageous deal for our clients, be that some weeks of free service, a discount, or extra free services on top of the standard offering.

Our offer to our clients

At Quickstart we pride ourselves on offering access to an outstanding partner network to all our clients. Incorporating a company means dealing with banks, accounting services, payroll management solutions, trademarking entities, designers, web developers, lawyers, marketing freelancers, and much more. We provide access to vested professionals and companies in all these fields.

Our offer to our partners

We have a regular flow of new companies of all sizes being incorporated in Luxembourg by individuals, small teams or large companies looking to enter the EU market. We offer qualified and preferential access to these companies.

Qualified leads

Every lead originating from us has an urgent need and asked for an introduction to resolve this need.

Bilateral compensation

We offer favorable conditions if you introduce a new client to us. We simply ask for the same in return.

Become a partner

Should you wish to offer services to our clients and join our network of partners, send us a message here and we’ll get back to you to understand what you can offer to our clients.