Discover what Luxembourg has to offer

Are you considering starting your business but haven't yet found the perfect location? Look no further than Luxembourg, the definitive destination for entrepreneurs. Here, we unveil ten compelling reasons why Luxembourg should be at the top of your list.

Government Support

Luxembourg's government is highly supportive of innovation and startups. Initiatives like Luxinnovation, House of Startups, and others provide a strong environment for entrepreneurial success.

Economic Stability

Luxembourg is internationally renowned for its strong financial and economic performance, job creation, and political stability. Choosing Luxembourg for your business sets the stage for long-term growth and success.

High Quality of Life

Luxembourg offers an innovation-friendly environment for developing products and services. You can create the teams and networks needed to conquer European and global markets while enjoying a high quality of life.

A great fruiting ground for startups

Just getting started with your business journey? Here are 4 reasons why Luxembourg is a great place to get started.

Thriving Startup Community

In less than two decades, the country has transformed from having virtually no startup presence to a dynamic and
inclusive community. This reflects Luxembourg's "can-do" attitude and open-mindedness towards entrepreneurship.

Public Grants

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Global Entrepreneurship

Luxembourg warmly welcomes international entrepreneurs, and here, you're not just a number. The nation offers a supportive environment for global visionaries to bring their ideas to life.

Innovation Testbed

Luxembourg's commitment to innovation, public-private research partnerships, and proximity to European technology hubs make it an ideal place for product development and localization for various EU markets.

Ready to boost your companies growth

Your business is already well on its path and you are looking to expand into the EU? Find out why Luxembourg may be a great fit.

Data Hub Excellence

Luxembourg aims to become a leading data economy, leveraging its world-class connectivity, data processing capabilities, and cybersecurity infrastructure. This comprehensive ecosystem ensures a seamless customer experience.

Gateway to the EU

As a primary launchpad, Luxembourg provides easy access to the entire European Union market. Your business can tap into the vast European consumer base and benefit from a strategic European location.

Multicultural Talent Pool

Luxembourg boasts the most international population in the EU. Its workforce stands out for its multinational character, language skills, and education levels. This multicultural talent pool is an asset for companies targeting European and global markets.

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Your success is Luxembourg's success, and together, we can shape the future of entrepreneurship. Start your journey in Luxembourg today!